Eating Disorders

EATING DISORDERS – Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Obesity and Over Weight.
By David Heard-Smith D.H.P.

Each of the above conditions are caused by a psychological problem or neurosis and require the correct treatment to enable the sufferer to enjoy a proper and normal state of good health, emotional peace, self respect, self love, correct body mass and self confidence.
Each of the above conditions is extremely dangerous to the individual and will lead to unhappiness, depression, ill health, physical damage and death.
Anyone who suffers from one of these disorders, would, if they told the truth, just love the idea of having a magic wand waved over them and be free from the problem immediately. However, they rarely tell the truth!
The sufferer generally denies there is a problem and pretence of contentment and acceptance is displayed to the outside world, ‘Big is beautiful’, ‘I’m happy being fat’, ‘It’s hereditary’ or ‘I’m fat and need to lose weight’. Rubbish, a load of old tosh! The truth is that these disorders are anything but acceptable and cause intense suffering to the individual involved. The victims are being controlled by something within their own subconscious but entirely beyond their control. Self-denial is the victim’s greatest ally and, tragically, their worst enemy.
Anorexia and Bulimia are absolutely caused and founded on an abuse of one sort or another, which occurred in the early, formative years of their life. This abuse may have been caused by a second party or, as is often the case, by the sufferer themselves.
Obesity is caused by either an abuse or learned response. Allowing oneself to be overweight can be due to abuse, learned response, self-neglect, and/or lack of self-respect or a reaction set in place at a very early age. Whatever the cause the sufferer is in deep but unrecognised emotional pain. A very small percentage of people, comparatively, are unhealthily skinny or fat due to a physical health problem. The great majority become as they are due to psychological problems and these can be put right. Wonderful! Well it would be if the poor souls could only admit to themselves that they have a problem and seek help. Sadly they rarely do seek help, well, they just don’t think they’re really worth it, do they?
If a child is abused sexually then the subconscious will often try to protect it by inducing compulsory or comfort eating habits until it becomes fat and, lets face it, if your are fat you will certainly be less attractive. The protection mechanism is now in place. If a dearly loved person upsets a child by causing emotional abuse, probably unintentionally, through a thoughtless remark about their chubbiness and then dies in an accident or vanishes from their life shortly after or something similar, the child will react irrationally and do all in their power to lose weight. The child just knows that they are the cause of the upset because, quite simply, they are too fat.
The subconscious functions according to how things feel physically and emotionally and is not capable of rational thought or criticism. The subconscious mind is the most powerful force you will ever encounter in your life. The conscious mind is entirely impotent when it comes to dealing with neuroses.
Deep emotional pain is invariably the cause of weight and eating problems. The fatty is suffering a really intense emotional pain but is unlikely to be aware of the true cause of that pain. They do not need sympathy or pity they need genuine professional help and that does not include a variety of different dietary changes. There is absolutely no point embarking on reduction diets or some form of fad diet that happens to be in fashion at the time until the sufferer deals with the psychological problem driving the disorder. The diet industry is guilty of imposing it’s own kind of abuse on people desperately seeking to lose weight. It is criminal but of course driven by the great God Mammon. People suffering from being overweight spend and waste a fortune attempting to achieve their goal by dietary remedies, without clearing their subconscious mind of the repressed and powerful emotional hurt that drives their condition. Do not look to the diet industry for help though. They are making a fortune out of the fatty’s suffering and rubbing their hands together all the way to the bank. Get rid of the neurosis and you will lose weight naturally. Get rid of the neurosis and you will cure yourself of the eating disorders and the inappropriate self-criticism. First, however, just like the alcoholic, the sufferer has to admit to himself or herself the truth and that is, simply, that they have a weight problem. Once they find and rationalize the problem and deal with it, they will quickly and naturally acquire healthy eating habits and subsequently gain or lose weight according to their body’s needs.
ANOREXIA NERVOSA: A life threatening nervous disorder manifested by profound aversion to food, leading to extreme emaciation. The ‘typical’ patient is a younger woman. Someone who is a sufferer can, rightly, be uncertain of reaching middle age and beyond. Usually she is not particularly concerned about her extreme thinness, as she believes herself to be fat and may even insist that she eats well. ‘They’ say that management of the condition requires explanation, encouragement to eat, hospitalisation and psychiatric help. Use something that really does work. Hypnoanalysis!
BULIMIA: Insatiable appetite, requiring enormous meals for satisfaction, usually followed by self induced vomiting. Use something that really does work. Hypnoanalysis!
OBESITY: Excessively and life threateningly fat due to continuously overeating, ingesting poor quality and fattening foods and foregoing exercise. Use something that really does work. Hypnoanalysis!
OVER WEIGHT: Being more than a stone over the ideal body weight for the height and structure of your skeleton. Having a waistline larger than your chest measurement. Experiencing mild discomfort when bending down, from a sitting position, to tie your shoelaces. Being unable to view your nether regions by simply looking down. Having a rear end the size of a bus or like a sack full of ferrets. Heavens above! You know when you’re overweight! You do not have to be like this!! Use something that really does work. Hypnoanalysis!
All these conditions will cause acute depression, along with a lack of confidence, self-respect and self-loathing.
Feel good about yourself. Feel comfortable in your clothing. Be happy and proud to look at yourself, naked, in the mirror. Be able to walk briskly upstairs. Be able to lie, prone, on the beach and watch the waves by merely lifting your head. Be able to walk about in shorts without your belly and/or breasts hanging out over your shorts and/or bra.
People are very willing to support you and help you to help yourself. They do not dislike you but dislike the way you treat yourself. People will applaud you for doing something positive about your condition and improving your appearance, your self respect, your health and life expectancy, your demeanour, your energy levels, your emotional wellbeing, your sexuality, free from depression and your renewed ability to enjoy life, love and happiness. Use something that really does work. Hypnoanalysis!
There is absolutely no reason for you to continue suffering in this way. All these conditions lend themselves, ideally, to Hypnoanalysis as a curative treatment.
Diet, quite simply means, that food which you normally eat. Going on a diet or following a diet is meaningless unless you qualify it by stating what you require the diet change to produce for you e.g., increasing bulk, energy, reducing bulk, perhaps increasing muscle or controlling cholesterol and then continuing it for the rest of your life. How many of you have forced yourself to adopt a particular diet to lose weight and then, even when it was truly successful, you stopped and returned to your previous inappropriate eating habits. What made that happen?
Using diet alone to control your weight or size will never be successful. You need to correct the neurosis or psychological problem that forces you into the situation from which you long to be free. Use something that really does work by dealing with the neurosis, that deep-seated emotional trauma from your childhood of which you are unaware, or that learned response. These neuroses are caused by a powerful emotional experience being repressed by your subconscious to protect you as a child, but are now inappropriate, and by definition you are unaware of them consciously. Give yourself a break, be kind to yourself, you deserve it so that you can be happy. Give me a call and arrange for an initial consultation, which is free of charge and obligation, from there on you can start on your revitalized life leading to self-respect, happiness and success. Relieve yourself of all the emotional baggage that you are carrying through your life of which you are unaware.
Everyone, without exception, will have acquired a neurosis of some kind before they reach their teen age, some, a number of neuroses. When that intensive and powerful emotional event occurs a part of the child’s psyche ceases progressing to maturity. The effect of that emotional experience will prohibit full maturity of the individual in some respect or another. Using Hypnoanalysis, the adult can go back to that point in their development and re-assess the experience and emotion with an adult perception and work through the situation to resolve it. Once that is done, then that cessation of the process reverts to an immediate acceleration to full adult maturity and the problem is solved.
For those amongst the readers who think I am being offensive or unkind. I can only say that what I have said is the truth. My experience over 20 years as a Hypnotherapist confirms the facts and if you choose to take the steps toward your freedom from the controlling influence within your own subconscious mind, you will be overjoyed at the new state of wellbeing that overwhelms you.

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