Hypnotherapy for Children

By David Heard-Smith D.H.P.

For those of you who have read any of my previous articles on the subject of hypnotherapy you will know well enough that our psychological and emotional problems are put in place in the first eight to ten years of our lives. The longer these neuroses have been in place the more entrenched they become, ‘I always do that’ or ‘That’s how I am.’ Well, it need not have been that way! There was no real need for you to have struggled with a lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Phobias, bad tempers, compulsive habits, migraine, allergies and so many difficulties, both psychological or physical, need not have caused you so much stress, worry, ill health or habitually choosing the wrong partners. Eating disorders, forever fighting the fat, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption would not have been a constant part of your life.
To be free of these difficulties you have to undergo hypnoanalysis to find the cause and correct the situation but for your children this need not be the case.
Within the range of skills possessed and mastered by a good hypnoanalyst there should be a gentle and successful technique particularly developed for use with children. The technique that I employ, was invented by an excellent practitioner and teacher, some twenty five years ago and its use has helped thousands of children to develop into well balanced adults ever since. Sadly, the only way you can get this particular help for your children is through a hypnotherapist trained in its use. Luckily for you and your children this treatment is available here in Cyprus.
During the emotional gauntlet of growing up a child is subjected to many experiences and emotions that are of a very powerful nature. Hopefully the great majority will be of a positive nature but there will be some that have an extremely negative effect on the forming mind of the child. Occasionally, depending on the kind of experiences the mother is subjected to during pregnancy, a neurosis can even be instigated whilst the child is in the womb. Parents, teachers, religious authorities, government, society, bullies, siblings, accidental events, swimming pools and so many other people and activities can be responsible for extreme emotional upset in children.
Children are excellent subjects for hypnosis; they enjoy it and accept it without the stupid qualms and prejudices that so many adults express. If I were to take a class of 11-12 year olds through the procedure then you would see a lot of emotion being discharged in that classroom and the children would be the most rational, logical, straightforward, uncomplicated and nice people you will ever meet in later life. Think how that would reduce the costs to the Health Services but then consider how much it would reduce the profits of those who manufacture diazepam (Valium) and anti depressants!
The technique is designed to be used as a one-session therapy employing hypnosis to remove obstacles to adolescent development so that the adolescent can progress to be the best possible person they could be without the intervention of fate.
This technique requires the attendance of one or, preferably, both parents with their child. This provides obvious security to the child, safeguards the therapist and allows the parents to be a part of the procedure and they frequently experience great benefit themselves. The technique is particularly useful for both general and specific problems amongst which I list bedwetting, (enuresis) which is probably the most common with children, stuttering, school phobias, general misbehaviour and so on. Amongst the specific problems I would list night terrors, eczema, psoriasis, the effects of abuse, either sexual or other, some allergies and many other psychologically based problems, for which the general medical treatment would include, powerful chemical substances complete with their appalling side effects and lack of success.
I limit this treatment to children from early school age to sixteen and do insist on full and enthusiastic parental involvement. From the upper age limit onward it would be necessary to employ the normal analysis method except where a slightly older teenager is particularly immature.
It is useful if we attempt to realistically understand the awful levels of stress placed upon children in modern times and not least amongst the stress causing problems is the lack of parental, school and social discipline which confuses the child by virtue of the fact that no proper boundaries or parameters are set as to how they must behave. The conflicting and inconsistent level of behaviour by parents, in particular, for whatever reasons, confuses young minds. The powerfully unsettling influence applied by peer and commercial pressure along with the inability of the child to differentiate between real life behaviour and the examples impressed on them by television and computer game playing.
Children must be treated by society as children and not as diminutive adults because their minds and bodies are insufficiently developed to enable them to cope with the pressure and responsibility applied to them. They find it very difficult, if not impossible, to cope with warring or drunken parents. Parental infidelity confuses the young mind and the frequent culture of lying that is involved with this parental life style is certainly going to teach the child that telling the truth is something you just do not do. Why? Mummy said not to tell Daddy or visa versa. There cannot be anything worse in life than trying to deal with a pathological liar as a child and then adult. The latchkey child suffers from insecurity because it needs to have at least one of its parents there for them at the end of the school day. Sadly, today’s parents are yesterday’s children and bring their acquired neuroses into their adult and parenting life.
Life is difficult in this day and age because it is so insecure. There is so much more that we all must have but really cannot afford. We are aware of all our many rights and demand them freely but of course there is no such thing in life as ‘your rights’. No woman has the ‘right’ to have a child. No man has the ‘right’ to have a job. Nobody has the ‘right to a roof over their head or food on their table’. All these things have to be earned or achieved. There is, I believe, one exception to this and that is that anyone who becomes a parent has the right to care for their child to the best of their ability and likewise any child has the right to expect their parents to do their very best on their behalf. This means to look after them and give the very best start to life possible. This does not mean ‘designer trainers’ and the like. It means to be fed and watered and protected from the dangers of life. It means good education in all its aspects, not just the three Rs but how to be a proper and well developed human being and this means to be as free as possible from the effects of the many psychologically damaging emotional experiences that can strike a child at any time.
There is nobody in society who has escaped the traumas that cause neuroses. There are millions who can see that this statement applies to everyone else but, of course, they are ‘all right’. There are a few million, right across the range of society, who have been fortunate enough to become aware of the help available and taken advantage of it.
It is beholden upon loving and caring parents to ensure children are able to enjoy this distinct advantage before they are forced to join that big, difficult and sometimes very dangerous adult world.
Hypnotherapy has been apart of conventional medicine for a very long time. It has fallen into disuse by doctors over the years in favour of chemical drugs. They are very useful and successful in many situations and have the advantage of enabling the doctor to spend as little time with a patient as possible. They are wonderful in many cases for masking the symptoms rather than affecting a cure and surely that is all the patient is worth. Why cure them if we can just make them believe they are not suffering? If your mind and body was fortunate to be treated as well as a Formula 1 racing car there would be few problems but unfortunately that is not the case. You would have no difficulty taking your pulled muscle to the physiotherapist for treatment so what is the problem with taking the most important part of yourself, your subconscious mind to a psychotherapist using the direct link of hypnosis?
Your children will be well served for the rest of their lives by a visit to your local, properly trained and experienced hypnotherapist / hypnoanalyst.

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