Hypnotherapy Programmes


We offer a number of different therapeutic solutions to today’s common (and not so common) problems from Hypnosis based interventions through to evidence based psychotherapy treatments.

Working with the Therapist to overcome your anxieties and presenting problems.

With your full co-operation the Therapist will guide you through Hypnosis and into your Subconscious Mind to find and eradicate the original cause of your problem.


Working with your subconscious mind to implant post hypnotic suggestions that will change the way you behave in particular circumstances.

The best example of this treatment is the Stop Smoking session.


Working with your subconscious mind, which controls every function of your being and is the most powerful force you will ever come into contact with, to promote and help it to instigate your own natural healing functions.

This treatment is carried out over a period of weeks and requires 2 to four treatments under normal conditions.


The Thrive Programme is an evidence based technique for changing limiting beliefs.

What we “think” determines what we “feel” and so learning to master our thoughts allows us to manage our emotions.

Thrive Programme

General help and advice for dealing with the problems in your life based on a lifetime of experience and professional training.

This is advice and you must always understand that all advice, paid for or freely offered is only that. Advice!


An intense but all encompassing treatment is available for people who do not have the time in their lives to undergo a six to eight week treatment program.

This has been enjoyed by many clients who have flown in from various parts of the world to take advantage of the special skills that I offer.

Therapeutic Retreats