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Sexual Problems

Female and Male Sexual Dysfunction a Speciality.

A good and satisfying sex life is paramount to a happy, healthy and relaxed life.

Over eighty percent of the female population of the western world are unable to achieve and enjoy a satisfactory sex life.

A large percentage actually do not believe they are cabable of achieving or entitled to one.

It is amazing just how many women do not experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse and how many believe that it is wrong to masturbate let alone enjoy it.

The big problem is that they do not expect anything better than that which they currently experience. They think that what they have is as good as it gets. If only they knew the truth.

Men often believe that it is unmanly and shameful to masturbate and that the only sexual activity they should have is intercourse with women whether the woman wants it or not.

This is of course so very wrong and if they only knew how many of their mates secretly masturbated they would be quite shocked and perhaps actually feel a lot better.

When they are unable to achieve an erection or having managed to become erect they find that it subsides almost as soon as they enter the vagina the result is shame, frustration, inadequacies and a fear that this is what will happen from here on.

With both genders the answer is the same.

This problem is absolutely treatable and with permanent positive results.

Ladies, life gets a whole lot better if you want it to and Gents, don’t panic it is only a blip if you contact me and seek help.