Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy  combined with suggestion therapy and other powerful techniques whilst in hypnosis you will easily and comfortably become a Happy Non-Smoker.

Therapeutic skills and techniques to help eradicate your neuroses, phobias and anxieties will be used where necessary to enable you to achieve your goal of being a Non-Smoker and improving your self esteem, confidence, energy levels and general well being.

The method I use is 95% successful and is achieved by completely changing your beliefs about cigarettes and smoking along with providing strong tangible reasons for giving up.

The treatment requires one session only and the session will be of approximately one and a half hours duration.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be, by far, the most successful method for Stopping Smoking.

Check the facts in WHICH Magazine and NEW SCIENTIST magazine 2001.

Both report on the findings of a comprehensive study carried out by the University of IOWA.

The least successful method was found to be the help offered by the medical profession!

I will not bore you with listing all the ill and dangerous effects of smoking because, as intelligent people, you are already aware of what these are.

It is sufficient to say that to smoke or not to smoke is entirely your personal choice.

However, if you decide that you want to stop smoking then you can do no better than to contact me for an appointment.