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My name is Phyl O’Reardon and I am 65 years of age.

Basic background information: I came through a traumatic childhood, two abusive relationships until I met my current husband at the age of 52.

Through my working life I managed to submerge my insecurities and lack of self esteem by working hard and carving out a reasonable career for myself as, eventually, a Management Accountant.

My work was my persona and my justification. I was good at it therefore I was worthwhile.

On retirement and relocating to Cyprus unfortunately problems started to come to the fore.

I had already been diagnosed with an under-active thyroid a few years earlier which gave me energy problems and also caused depressive symptoms.

In August 2011 I was going through a really depressive period when I read David Heard-Smith’s article in the Grapevine magazine. I already knew David from other things (dogs) and after a week or so prevaricating I was so low one morning I decided to give him a ring and give him a go.

I was so low I would have tried anything at this point and what David had said made sense.

The treatment started that week after a long consultation where he explained in detail what would happen. I admit I was scared. It is not easy letting someone else into your psyche but decided that I would follow the treatment to the letter.

Only six weeks later, after having one treatment a week I emerged a new person! The person I should have been all these years. I am walking straighter, head held high, I KNOW I am worthy, I don’t need external reinforcement to tell me this.

This treatment has been one of the best things that has happened to me. I just wish I had not wasted all those years to find myself. My true worth.

I am not saying the treatment is easy, it is not, but it is worth every minute and every penny you spend. After all surely as it says in the advert. “You are worth it” And at the end of this treatment you will KNOW you are worth it.

Fear of Cockroaches

By text.

Hi David.

I am leaving Cyprus a much happier person Thanks to you. I will and have recommended your services to my friends.

Again many thanks.

Maggie from Saudi. x

Dear David

Just a few words to say thank you for all your help. I came to seek your professional advice when I was at a low ebb.

I had marital problems, low self esteem and was beginning to use alcohol as a crutch.

I wanted to change my life but didn’t know why or how to do it.

Through our sessions not only did I deal with the problems I was aware of , but we also dealt with Issues that I had lived with for up to 30 odd years that had been affecting many aspects of my life.

I travelled from the UK for just a week, committed to attending your therapy.

It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Now, I am again, the confident person that I remembered of long ago.

I no longer have any sexual hang ups, I believe in myself and my abilities and more importantly I actually like myself again and know that other people like me too.

All my problems have not just magically disappeared but I now have the tools of Peace and Joy to help me through. I am looking forward to the future with my two daughters.

Thank you David.

My very best regards,


Dear David

As I near the end of my therapy I thought I would just write to say a “big thank you” to you for the invaluable help you have been to me over the past weeks through our therapy sessions.

I came to you almost two months ago after a long period of physical illness that culminated with what turned out to be a very wise doctor who told me that the physical ailments I portrayed were very likely caused by my stressful life style.

I retired early to Cyprus almost four years ago and felt embarrassed to think how “simple” my life was, hardly stressful.

But I was aware that there were some events in my past which now with time on my hands to rethink them were preying on my mind and re-creating the stress that I thought I had dealt with so well at the time.

So, I came to you both physically and mentally at the end of my tether, after seven sessions I can honestly say that I have never felt fitter, healthier or happier at any time in my life before.

Many of my friends both in Cyprus and the UK comment on my new outwardly displayed happiness.

I finally know who I am, what has caused me to behave the way I have historically and most importantly have the knowledge to deal with the past and put it firmly behind me.

Now I look forward to the future as a new valuable worthwhile and confident person, thank you.

During the sessions there were some painful events which came to light that I had to relive as a child or adolescent and am now able to cope with more easily as an adult.

In between the sessions I was able to cope using the “peace” and “basement” relaxation technique and I thank you for that.

Finally, we did explore “joy” and I am sure that will stay with me in the future.

Thank you and best wishes

Dear David,

Thank you so very much for your help.

This is the first year I can truly say I am looking forward to Christmas since Marks death.

Warmest Wishes

Olive (The lady’s son was killed by a drunk driver, age 17 years, over 20 years ago.)

Dear David,

What can I say?

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

Maybe I could offer you up for the next Oscar? I think you have missed your second calling! Well, if you ever get tired of what you are doing…

I so appreciate the time you devoted to my healing.

Please thank Julia for me and I hope she is well.

It would never have been completed without the last two sessions.

The emptiness is gone inside and in little steps I am learning to love and trust myself.

I still have my down times, grieving a bit over the lost relationship but not like the wrenching ache as before.

I am moving forward with my “Joy”, my “Peaceful Place” and my meditation.

Will keep in touch.

Abundance and Many Blessings to you,


Hi Dr. David

You are wonderful doctor!

You must be best there is I have no more problem now with my sex as I can mastibat and have sex with my wife for good time and injoy orgam my wife as well she very hapy.

You first docter what understand my problem.

Those other docters wast of time

I thank you lots Mikalis

( The title of doctor is frequently misapplied here in Cyprus and used as a courtesy. I am not and never refer to myself as a doctor of any description.)